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13 February 17:30-19:00Kitchen, Uminova Innovation

It's finally time again for AI Umeå's meet-up, an interest group for all AI professionals, enthusiasts, researchers and industry leaders who are passionate about artificial intelligence! At our regular meetups you will get engaging presentations and discussions from different AI angles, the latest news on technological advances, ethical considerations, societal effects and much more. A chance for those with an interest in AI to become part of a new network.

This time we are exploring the breadth of sustainable development and what role AI plays in it. Sustainable development can be defined as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". AI provides one of the most promising tools to help humanity develop new technology to reach environmental sustainability. At the same time, could irresponsible development of AI be one of our biggest threats towards a socially sustainable society through potential job displacement, privacy concerns, and biased decision-making. 

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Anna Strandberg

Anna works as Associate professor at Department of Applied Physics and Electronics, and her research concerns bioenergy and resource recovery. She studies biochar and ashes from residual streams with respect to water and soil applications and nutrient recycling.

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Karin Danielsson

Karin is an associate professor/docent in informatics at Umeå University, as well as director of Humlab, a research environment in Digital Humanities. She researches co-creative methods for the design and evaluation of digital materials in different contexts and environments that are aimed at different target groups. She also researches AI and representativeness; how technical solutions affect people in different ways. 

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AI used in research for an integrated resource recycling in the bioenergy sector

Annas research concerns bioenergy and resource recovery, and she is studying biochar and ashes from residual streams regarding water and soil applications and nutrient recycling. In her research, she is working with the characterisation of the material, including analysing the samples with X-ray tomography, which provides a 3D image of the sample, and with the help of advanced image processing, properties of the samples can be obtained. Anna and the research team are working with methods for using AI through deep learning on the tomographic data. Using AI is a step to enhance the data analysis, through improved and more efficient analyses

In her presentation, Anna will talk about the challenges and opportunities that comes from using AI as an integrated resource in research.

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Anna Strandberg

Beyond Algorithms: Co-creative Design in Building Ethical AI Systems

AI-systems are increasingly prevalent today and the implementation of technical solutions in society affects different people in different ways. For a continued socially sustainable society, it is necessary to reflect on how technical solutions include and exclude different target groups in society. This is important not only from an economic perspective, but primarily from the perspective of a welfare society that is based on democratic values and adheres to the EU's Ethical guidelines for Trustworthy AI. Therefore, developers, users, and researchers need to reflect on the following questions:

  • Representativeness: who is involved in the development and implementation of AI systems?
  • Co-creation: in what way, with which tools and methods, can citizens influence the development and implementation of AI systems?
  • Societal change: how do we want these systems to change our society?

In her presentation, Karin will explain how co-creative design approaches can be used in the design and implementation of AI systems.

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Karin Danielsson

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Date: 13/2 

Time: 17.30-19.00

Location: In the kitchen at Uminova Innovation, Tvistevägen 47A.

Language: English 

We offer a light meal, so please indicate any allergies or dietary preferences when you register. The event is free to attend.

See you there!

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